Maybe it’s a Marquise Shape?

Hey goddesses!

Are you looking to awaken your divine feminine energy and tap into your natural power as a woman? Well, as an artisan crafting exquisite crystals and gemstones for the spiritual woman - I strongly invite you to add the divine marquise shape in your jewellery collection.

What is a Marquise shaped stone?

A marquise (pronounced as 'mar-keys') cut stone is a beautiful shape that takes the classic curves of a round or oval cut and elongates it with two pointed ends, creating an eye-like look.

Here is an example:

The elongated shape of the marquise gemstone represents the elegance and grace of the feminine form, while the pointed tips symbolise the radiance and power of the divine feminine. This shape holds a special significance and has been used for centuries in jewellery design to showcase the beauty of gemstones and enhance their natural energy.

1. Symbol of Royalty.

The marquise shape isn't just a pretty face; it also embodies various symbolic meanings. It's like having a symbol that talks to your inner self! For instance, the marquise shape originated in the 18th century as a diamond cut for royalty and symbolizes wealth, luxury, and prestige. Who doesn't love feeling rich and fabulous?

2. Connection to Nature.

Also if you look closely the marquise shape resembles shapes in nature such as leaves or wings on insects, representing a connection to nature and the flow of life.

3. Symbol of Vitality and Life Force.

The elongated shape of the marquise gemstone also symbolizes vitality, life force, and energy. So, it's an excellent shape to use for gemstones that promote physical health and well-being.

4. The Ultimate Divine Feminine Shape.

Can we talk about her curves? The marquise shape represent the feminine form, plus it is considered a symbol of the divine feminine - nurturing, caring, and a connection to higher self. It's like wearing a piece of jewellery that inspires you and hypes you up!

So, ladies, listen to me closely - the marquise shape is a versatile shape that can represent different meanings to different people. As a maker of high-quality crystals and gemstones for spiritual women, I highly recommend that you choose the marquise shape gemstone to impart the beautiful divine feminine energy and symbolism in your creations. Trust me - you'll be glad you did!

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