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Rainbeau Rose Jewellery

One of a Kind Bespoke Enchanted Opalized Wood & Moonstone Necklace

One of a Kind Bespoke Enchanted Opalized Wood & Moonstone Necklace

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Inspired by the Enchanted Daintree Rainforest in Queensland. This sacred place is the oldest Rainforest in the world, she has so much ancient wisdom and teachings to offer.

Petrified Wood, which is technically a fossil and a crystal, comes from the trunks and branches of ancient wood. It takes the wood millions of years to opalize. With Petrified Wood comes ancient knowledge and immense ancestral history. Through fossilization, an abundance of ancient earthen energy has been contained within; allowing for the proper practitioner to channel and direct this elestial energy. The vibrations that flow from this wooden amulet provide the essential nutrients for growth and rejuvenation while also unlocking a pathway to our past lives. Through past-life recall, we are able to learn from previous lessons and look towards old wounds to heal. It’s time to shed the layers that no longer serve you in order to unlock your truest potential. 

-Genuine .925 Sterling Silver

-Size with bale - H 64mm x W 34mm

Please note that all our items have been lovingly hand-crafted by a real person, not a machine. We use traditional hand tools and follow traditional silver smithing methods. Hand-crafted items can occasionally display slight unevenness in pattern or shape, as well as spotting marks left by hand tools during creation - this is NOT regarded as a flaw or fault but adds to the general character of hand-crafted jewellery

- Each piece is as unique as the people wearing them.

This one of a kind jewellery piece comes with:

💕Jewellery Box

💕Jewellery Care Card

We hope our creations bring joy and sparkle to everyone that wears them.

Natasha & Beau Xo

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