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Rainbeau Rose Jewellery

Goddess Aurora

Goddess Aurora

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Step into the realm of enchantment with our meticulously crafted opal jewellery, lovingly brought to life by the skilled artisans Natasha & Beau. Each piece is a testament to the captivating allure of the Australian opal, shimmering with a kaleidoscope of colours that will leave you spellbound.

But these treasures are more than mere fashion statements. They are talismans of spiritual healing and inner peace. Opals possess an otherworldly power - they can ignite the flame of your spirituality, harmonise  your emotions, and ignite the spark of your creativity.

Our opal jewellery embodies these mystical properties, making it the perfect companion for those embarking on a spiritual journey. And with its goddess design, it transcends the boundaries of time, becoming an eternal symbol of elegance that will turn heads and capture hearts.

The name Aurora graces our opal collection, a name that dances with whimsy and wonder. It draws its origins from the ancient tapestry of Roman mythology, where Aurora, that mischievous goddess of the dawn, would tiptoe across the sky. Her ethereal footsteps would sprinkle stardust, painting the heavens with a palette of vibrant hues, announcing the arrival of the sun in a symphony of light.

Aurora's name carries the magic of new beginnings, the promise of endless possibilities, and the invitation to embark on fantastical adventures at the break of day. Adorn yourself with our opal jewellery, and step into a world where dreams and reality embrace in a whimsical dance.

Stone: Solid Opal

Material: .925 sterling silver

High Polish Finish

This one of a kind jewellery piece comes with:

💕Jewellery Box

💕Jewellery Care Card

💕Polishing Cloth

💕Free Gift

Please note that all our items have been lovingly hand-crafted by a real person, not a machine. We use traditional hand tools and follow traditional silver smithing methods. Hand-crafted items can occasionally display slight unevenness in pattern or shape, as well as spot marks left by hand tools during creation - this is NOT regarded as a flaw or fault but adds to the general character of hand-crafted jewellery

- Each piece is as unique as the people wearing them.

Materials & Dimensions

Shipping & Returns

Please allow 2-3 weeks manufaction process and 5-7 days for shipping Australia Wide.

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