How to Activate your Inner Goddess ♥

5 ways to activate your inner divine feminine energy.

Hello beautiful woman,

I invite you to take a deep breathe into the heart, breathing in all the good energy while grabbing your favourite yummy drink of tea, coffee or cacao and sit back and enjoy this short blog on how I activate and tap into my inner divine feminine energy. 

Its time to tap into your divine feminine energy now more than ever!

The Divine Feminine embodies the vibration of the Goddess, the ultimate life-giving, motherly force. Sacred, sensual, and a true nurturer, she embodies softness.

If you are here reading this, feeling her magnetizing energy, this is a sign she is calling you in. Trust in Her & yourself, feel her powerful force.

We are all divine Goddesses and embody that energy. Here are a few ways i like to get in tuned.

1) Align your life with your Menstrual cycle ♥

Lets start off with a BANG! Oh my lordy, this one was a big one for me personally. I have only dived into this recently and it has already been a GAME CHANGER!

Learning and understanding the flow of your menstrual cycle is one of the most empowering things a woman can do.Our bodies have different needs at different points in our cycles that require support and its important that we stop and go within to understand it on a deeper level.

There are four phases in a woman’s menstrual cycle: menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phaseEach of these phases offers different opportunities and challenges. When you are in tune with your cycle, you can optimize your life to take advantage of the energy each phase offers.

I invite you to track your unique cycle and research more on this topic.

2) Move your body ~

Dance, baby, dance! Move them hips, jump, touch your body with the rhythm of the music! Movement is one of the best ways to activate feminine energy. I invite you to dance and to shake the energy, but if dancing isn't your thing there are many different ways to move your body such as simply exercising, going for a walk in nature, doing some flow yoga, or even just take a few deep breaths.

The most powerful movements to activate feminine energy are flowy, circular motions. That’s why dance is a particularly powerful way to activate your feminine energy. When you dance, you allow your body to move in ways that feel natural and free.

3) Get creative

Unleash the artists within. Feminine energy is creative. When you create art, you are expressing yourself creativity and connecting with your feminine nature.

There are many different ways to create art. You can photograph, write, knit, embroidery, do makeup, paint, draw, sculpt, cook, or even just doodle in a notebook. Find the medium that speaks to you and let your creativity juices flow.

Creating art is a great way to activate feminine energy and connect with your intuition. Tap into your heart and create what the heart desires. Art is a visceral emotion and no words need to be spoken and no one needs to see it, its for you and only you. When you create try and tap into yourself and speak your truth without the judgement of others. Art is so empowering, expressive and liberating.

4) Beauty inside & out!

Let's be honest for a second here. When I am wearing an outfit that makes me feel good, my skin is looking dewy and glowing, I feel clean and hair on point, I feel the most empowered and ready to concur anything. Feminine energy is about feeling beautiful and confident. When you take the time to put effort into your appearance, you activate your feminine energy.

Adorn yourself with the most beautiful clothing that makes you feel so divine and confident. Wear your most elegant and powerful jewellery, do your hair and makeup how YOU want. Show them you are a Goddess! Take the time to find the clothes that make you feel good. Wear them with confidence.

Fashion can be the most powerful way to express yourself, especially putting on a meaningful piece of jewellery. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, or earrings can add an element of identity, creativity & beauty to an outfit.

5) Spend time in Nature

Oh she is so beautiful and full of wisdom. One of the most powerful yet simple ways to activate your inner Goddess is to spend time in nature, Mother Earth is our home. Try grounding "Earthing" with your barefoot on the Earth feeling her natural soil, sand, grass against your skin, this is a powerful way to connect with your inner Goddess.
Smell the flowers of Spring, Feel the salt water spray of the wave at the beach, the touch of the Sun kissing your skin on a Summers day, there are a million and one ways to connect with Mother nature and witness her greatness.

I could make 100 more dot points on how to activate your inner goddess but the main take away is to get out of your mind and into your body and embrace what you were born with.

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The world needs more sparkle...
Love Natasha x




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