Our Origin Story

Founded in 2020 by a couple madly in love, Natasha and Beau bonded over creating jewellery together on weekends. When they couldn’t find Stirling Silver beaded bracelets or high quality crystals set in precious metals they studied together to create their own.
Their love affair with jewellery making continued after completed their silversmithing certification and when Covid hit they set up a Workshop in the spare room of their home.
As the couple began selling pieces, they quickly realised the deep connection felt by their consumers with stories of women adorning themselves in their jewellery to remind themselves of their inner strength rolled in. This fuelled them to pursue their vision to become an iconic jewellery brand for women. It was in this moment through the joy of helping people Rainbeau Rose’s mission was born.
With the mission on her heart, in 2022 Natasha moved through her own spiritual awakening through the inner work required to trust in the Brand Vision and step wholeheartedly into the role of a creator leaving her full time job behind.


In 2022 the Goddess necklace was born. A handcrafted artisan statement piece representing women connecting to their divine feminine energy and that their brand had something to say.
When you look at a woman and she knows her worth, she has the power to turn heads, our pieces are designed to remind women of how beautiful and powerful they are.
Rainbeau Rose Jewellery continues to grow with each piece infused with healing properties to remind you of your power.
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