The Goddess Journey

How the goddess came alive...

Diary Entry



I've been reflecting on the past year and had to take a moment to step back and absorb the amount of growth we have encountered the past 11 months. I know personally I have been on one hell of a spiral. I have had many awakenings and ego deaths, identity shifts, questioning who I am, what I stand for, where am I going, who I want to become and simply just accepting and honouring who I am.

It's beautiful knowing that the amazing person reading this has been a part of my journey as well. If we know each other personally or you've been following me for a while or you're simply a new follower, you have greatly impacted me and my life, thank you.

The Goddess was alive way before she was in the physical form, like anything else in the universe the energy was there, the thought or idea was there first. I could feel her calling me in, nudging me to birth her into existence. But I knew I had to let go of a few things that no longer served me, to allow a new version of myself to come forward. Like a snake shedding its skin, it symbolises transformation, rebirth and inner healing. But with any growth there is always an uncomfortable layer you must let go of.

"If you stay the same, expect to stay the same."

Like a Lotus flower you need to go through a lot of mud to be able to bloom into a beautiful flower.

I was stuck in the mud for years too long and wondered why I felt unsatisfied and sad with my life, I wasn't doing anything about it. I continued to stay in the uncomfortable because the uncomfortable was familiar and for that I apologise to my younger self for not hearing her cries and taking action sooner, however, there were massive lessons that were learnt.

"I am responsible for my own life - stop expecting validation from others."

I knew I had to face uncomfortable emotions in order to get to the other side. But if you can't do it yourself sometimes asking for help is what is needed.

Like a buffalo they have learnt the fastest possible way to avoid the storm is to run towards and straight through it because the more you resist and run away from it, it will always catch up to you.

- let that one sink in.

Let me take you to the beginning because there are a lot of facets to how she came alive and after a few meditations and really sitting in the question 'How did she come into existence and why did I create her?'

Well it started with activating my own inner Goddess,

I love how unpredictable the universe can be. Life can be exciting sometimes if you are open enough to receiving. It all started when I spontaneously went on a Cacao spiritual retreat in South Australia - Did I know the person running the retreat? No. Did I know what cacao was? No. Did I know what I was getting myself into? No. I had never been on a spiritual retreat, let alone a women circle or anything spiritual of the sort. I was a fresh 26 year old open to experiencing the world. The only thing I did know at the time was that my gut was saying...

F*ck Yes!

It's not often I get a universal download and a full body yes, so I followed my intuition and booked it in. You'll never believe the overlapping synchronicity but I think I'll leave that for my book one day. One of the exercises we did at the retreat was

Activating your Higher Self

Did I know what the hell that even meant? Absolutely not. But I'm always up for anything once and I was intrigued at this point, so I laid down and went into a deep visual meditation. I felt like I was in such a safe environment that I could surrender and trust to be vulnerable with a group of other like minded women on a similar self discovery journey. As I was letting go of my social conditioning and what I was 'supposed' to be doing and trusting whatever came up is the lesson I needed to know at the time...

BAM! There She was...

A white angelic glowing light of LOVE. She symbolised the most profound amount of love. She was a flowing, floating Goddess, everything I define as the Divine Feminine beauty. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Reality kicked in... wait... this is a higher self exercise... wait... is she... ME?

Is it possible, I could be this divinely beautiful (the little voice in my head said) She replied with, "Baby girl, OF COURSE you are, don't you ever forget or question your self worth again!"

"Woah, is that my higher self talking to me?".

She then proceeded to show me my future and how incredibly beautiful it could be if I continued this self discovery journey and stayed true to myself.

A few weeks later I had booked in a 1:1 cacao ceremony with the cacao Goddess Amy Lee Mutton. Yes, again I just thought it was just going to be a chilled meditation, nothing too serious.

Firstly I would just like to say sometimes its really good to go into these ceremonies without any preexisting ideas or expectations but also don't take these experiences lightly.

They are powerful as F*ck.

I was ready to cross the bridge and face any blocks or challenges in life in order to live more in alignment with my soul destiny. But remember there is nothing wrong with you - you don't need fixing -

you are already perfect the way you are.

And the secret is to simply remember that. The whole purpose is to remember you are love, you are loved, you are beautiful, you are a GODDESS.

After the 1:1 cacao ceremony with Amy it was extremely clear on what I needed to do. A week later I went straight towards the storm just like a buffalo and overcame my fears and guilt that was holding me back. I had quit my full time job to pursue my dream job as a Silversmith, jewellery maker. Making sacred crystal jewellery sparked so much joy for me and felt amazing when my creations were empowering other women to feel beautiful. Let's be honest, when you wear a statement piece of jewellery you feel so powerful!

A few weeks later we picked up the caravan from my Dad's place and called the Strathalbyn caravan park our new home for the next 6 weeks. Beau and I had planned to do a 6 week intensive training with the famous jewellery master Jacques Farbin from the UK. We studied the traditional way of stone setting techniques and lost wax casting. 

I was in my element of jewellery making when Jacques introduced me to a block of wax and told me all the tips and tricks of wax carving, this is where the magic happened. The visual symbol I had received with my very first Higher Self discovery I wanted to bring her to life.

It was time. I was ready. She was ready. Trust in the Divine Timing. 

After many attempts, trials, experimentation, and epic fails and trusting in the creation process (just like anything in life, it taught me to never give up) Finally I had captured her true essence and divine beauty - she was alive. The process of her was truly amazing, seeing her slowly form into something from just a block of wax. She was there with me every step of the way.


I find symbolism to be extremely powerful. One symbol could mean 1000 words, memories, stories, cultural significance and we can write entire books about one symbol. That's why I find the symbolism of the Goddess to be so powerful, it represents my whole spiritual journey of my self discovery, to never question my worth, to know my strength and things are going to be okay. She is a movement. She is Love, She is You!

Every woman deserves to feel like a Goddess

After going to many women's circles after my awakening I noticed the same pattern in every group. Woman questioning there worth, feeling of inadequacy, apologising for feeling and being too emotional,

Can we just pause?




babe, that's our SUPERPOWER, we feel things so deeply, it's a gift we innate. Please don't let them win and convince us that we're not worthy. Don't allow them to belittle, make fun of us or make you feel small. It's time we honour who we are and embrace our beautiful divine feminine nature. We are the definition of beauty, elegance, intuitive, creative, flowy, elegant, let's reclaim her instead of suppressing her. Once you realise your divinely beautiful just the way you are, you'll walk with confidence and feel empowered and no one can stop you.

Let's be UNAPOLOGETICALLY ourselves.

The Goddess is a self discovering journey we all must take to truly know ourselves.

The Goddess 'Made for a Goddess' is here to remind you of your divine beauty and to stay true to yourself. Unlock & reclaim your power and know your worth.

Be Bold, Fierce, & Unapologetic.

Are you ready to activate your Higher Self and move with confidence, adorn yourself with the magnetic goddess here - it was 'Made for a Goddess' after all ♥

Lots of love,

Natasha xx

Adorn yourself with a Goddess pendant today to activate the goddess within, may she remind you of your power, innate worthiness and may she inspire you to radiate your goddess energy wherever you go. Make her yours now.

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