Meet the Brand

Rainbeau Rose Jewellery is handcrafted by Natasha & Beau. Together we craft sacred artisan pieces made for goddesses. Each piece lovingly designed to evoke a woman's feminine energy and innate power.
Based in Adelaide South Australia, Rainbeau Rose Jewellery creates unique fine jewellery pieces, incorporating a wide array of beautiful natural gemstones set in sustainably sourced precious metals
All our designs are original. Using hand tools as opposed to heavy machinery lessens our carbon footprint, while selecting non toxic compounds for use in the studio reduces our environmental impact.
Collectors and admirers of Rainbeau Rose Jewellery can feel empowered and confident, harnessing the energy and intention we put into each piece.


We Specialise in:
Handmade fine jewellery
High quality crystals
Precious metal craftsmanship
Bespoke artisan designs
Jewellery anchored in love, protection & abundance
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