Our Origin Story 🖤

How it all began.

The beautiful metamorphosis of Rainbeau Rose

It began as a seed of an idea that sprouted in our minds and bloomed into a flourishing business that's as radiant and captivating as a beautiful rose. Join us as we share how we courageously followed the fire in our belly’s and birthed Rainbeau Rose Jewellery.


It all began in 2020, when a spark of curiosity compelled both Beau and I to enroll in a beginner's class in silver smithing. Our shared passion for handcrafting sterling silver beaded bracelets had already consumed countless weekends. However, our longing for handcrafted, high-quality gemstone jewellery grew stronger as we realised the lack of captivating statement pieces available in the market.


One day, I turned to Beau with a glimmer of inspiration and asked, "How hard do you think it would be handcraft our own sterling silver gemstone jewellery?" The idea took hold, and we made the bold decision to deepen our knowledge by diving into the world of silver smithing.


Little did we know that this seemingly simple endeavor would evolve into one of the most significant achievements we had ever pursued together. We saw it as a delightful side hobby, a way to infuse fun and excitement into our lives. However, the path we embarked upon was destined to lead us to unparalleled success and fulfillment.


Even in the face of a pandemic, our passion for jewellery making burned brighter than ever, driving us to create with even greater intensity. In an inspired act, we converted a spare room in our home into a dedicated workshop, where we could immerse ourselves in our craft uninterrupted.


As we began selling our creations, we were humbled and amazed by the profound impact our jewellery had on our customers. They shared heartfelt stories of how adorning our pieces evoked a sense of inner strength and beauty, connecting them to their own essence.


We constantly hear women say, “I feel so empowered and beautiful when wearing your pieces, you can truly feel the magic”.


It became clear to us that our venture was much more than a simple pursuit of jewellery making—it was a profound means of people activating their own power, self-expression, self-worth and self-discovery.


Motivated by the deep connections our jewellery forged, we boldly embarked on a journey to become a renowned jewellery brand. And thus, Rainbeau Rose was born—a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating exquisite pieces that empower and inspire.


In 2022, my own spiritual awakening took place. Immersed in the brand's mission, I delved into personal growth and embraced the role of a creator wholeheartedly, leaving behind my full-time job.


It was during this transformative period that we introduced the Goddess to our collection. A true work of art, this handcrafted statement piece symbolises a woman's connection to her divine feminine energy, and it marked a turning point for our brand. 


At Rainbeau Rose, we believe that when a woman recognises her worth, she possesses the power to captivate others. Our jewellery is designed to serve as a daily reminder of just how beautiful and powerful each woman truly is. Infused with crystal healing properties and sacred symbolism every piece we create is meant to empower and uplift the wearer.


As we continue to grow, our commitment to reminding women of their power remains unwavering. With each new design, we strive to awaken confidence, radiance, and strength in every woman who chooses to adorn herself with our jewellery.

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