The Cosmic Dance of Venus Retrograde

Hi loves 🌹

It’s an epic time to ride the waves of life with style and grace. I'm about to sprinkle some celestial magic into our conversation today. Let's talk about a topic that holds profound significance in our lives - the influence of planetary movements, particularly the current Venus retrograde. 

It's no secret that the Moon and Sun hold immense sway over us. Life on Earth thrives under the Sun's radiant glow, while the Moon guides the ebb and flow of tides, giving birth to the cycle of life. So it would make sense that our planets also have an influence over us. Just imagine for a second we are just a tiny speck in the vast cosmic symphony, we are twirling and swirling through the dance of the planets. And guess what? Right now, Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and all things fabulous, is doing a little backspin in her orbit. It's like she's taking a retrograde vacation!

But what does this celestial shuffle mean for us? Well, this is where it gets interesting. You see, when Venus hits the reverse button, it's like a cosmic invitation for us to reflect, reassess, and reimagine our approach to love, relationships, and the beautiful things in life.

Recently, as Venus began its retrograde journey, marked shifts in energy have been felt, especially within the realms of relationships, friendships, love, and beauty. Personally, I must admit that my own relationship has encountered some turbulence. However, this celestial phenomenon has brought heightened awareness to our connection, enabling us to navigate the rough waters together. Remember, this energy is not permanent; it is simply a part of the universal rhythm, and it shall pass.

It's a time to lovingly examine the patterns and dynamics in our romantic connections. Are we truly aligned with our desires, or do we need to hit the pause button and rediscover what truly sets our souls on fire? Venus in retrograde whispers in our ears, urging us to nurture self-love and practice radical authenticity in all our relationships.

But don't worry, this cosmic slowdown isn't all about "serious stuff." It's also a sweet reminder to infuse our lives with a little extra beauty, laughter, and pure joy. Take this opportunity to indulge in some self-care rituals, explore creative passions, and surround yourself with the people and experiences that bring out your inner radiance. (Do something extra special for that one person you’re thinking of right now)

Venus in retrograde guides you towards a deeper connection with yourself and those around you. Remember, we're all stardust beings, dancing to the rhythm of the universe. Let's make this cosmic dance a legendary one!

Know in your heart that you are cherished, seen, and heard. You are not alone on this journey, for we are all united by an invisible thread that connects our souls. This connection is reflected in the mesmerising beauty of the goddess pendant, one among numerous encapsulations of sacred meaning.

Sending you cosmic love and sparkles,

Natasha xXx

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