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Rare Divine Signet Ring Tibetan Turquoise

Rare Divine Signet Ring Tibetan Turquoise

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Chakra: Throat

Element: Storm

Vibration: 1

Zodiacs: Sagittarius, Pisces

Healing properties: A well known protection amulet & a symbol of friendship. Helps prevent accidents especially falls. Protects against theft, lost & attack when travelling. When worn on animals, it protects them from being stolen - & for horses, it ensures that they are surefooted an obedient to the rider. It brings peace to the home.

Affirmation: "I express myself from a place of calmness, love, and truth."

Tibetan Turquoise is a rare luxury that is mined in the Himalayas – ours specifically is from the area around Lhasa in the Himalayan area. Lhasa is known as one of the 4 locations where the finest quality Tibetan Turquoise is sourced, the others being Ngari-Khorsum, Draya and Derge.

- Genuine .925 Sterling Silver

Ring Size - US 10 / AUS T

Gemstone Size - 13 x 10mm

Please note that all our items have been lovingly hand-crafted by a real person, not a machine. We use traditional hand tools and follow traditional silver smithing methods. Hand-crafted items can occasionally display slight unevenness in pattern or shape, as well as spot marksleft by hand tools during creation - this is NOT regarded as a flaw or fault but adds to the general character of hand-crafted jewellery

- Each piece is as unique as the people wearing them.

This one of a kind jewellery piece comes with:

💕Jewellery Box

💕Jewellery Care Card

We hope our creations bring joy and sparkle to everyone that wears them With lots of love and sparkles

Natasha & Beau Xo


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