Collection: Enchanted

Inspired by the Enchanted Daintree Rainforest in Queensland. This sacred place had so much ancient wisdom and teachings to offer. Behind all collections the creation process is similar. Sketches are birthed from a deep heart healing cacao meditation and connecting to the higher self, this leads to intuitively hand selecting crystals and symbolism relating to the sacred collection. Vision boards are manifested and can take weeks or months to prefect the collection, every bepoke piece is handcrafted for Goddesses.
I know that many of you are on the same self discovery and self-worth journey like I am and desire to understand yourself on a deeper level. Enchanted is the most powerful collection I have created to date and I hope this collection inspires you to look within and stay true to yourself. Enchanted represents shedding the layers that no longer serve you in order to be the most empowered version of yourself. It’s time to step into your power and know your worth.
“Everyone deserves to feel like a Queen”